Sunday, July 6, 2014

Midnight Musings

1.  Painstakingly, finding red, white, and blue outfits for the fourth of July, and everyone changing into their swimsuits before you can even take a picture to document the happy patriotic family.

2.  Doing your daughter's hair totally cute (which is a big deal, because she rarely lets you), and you don't get a picture to capture it.  Instead, you have fifty pictures of a child who looks homeless a lot.

3.  My 18 month old baby goes to church barefoot.  Barefoot...  He can walk.  He has shoes.  For some reason, they don't make it to his feet?

4.  Speaking of shoes... Why is there only one mate to all of my children's shoes in the right place?  We have some order here.  Definitely for shoes.  There are two places the shoes go.  Legitimate places.  Some even LABELED!  With their names!  Why aren't they there???  I find shoes in the most random places.  Mallary, should your shoes be in your basket that has all of your doll toys in them?  No.  No, they should not. 

5.  Why is it that people only come to your house when it's messy?  How come never when I actually get it spotless?  (5% of the time, so I get it that the odds are not in my favor...)

6.  Did you know that the average family has three or four strollers?  It's true.  I have five.  I almost bought a jogging stroller, then I would have had six.  You just need different strollers for different occasions.  You do.  But, it does seem a bit excessive.  One of my strollers was so dirty and beat up.  I was telling someone it was kind of embarrassing taking it into nice places.  Someone overheard and said, "You should look at the scuffs and dirt on your stroller and be proud!  It shows you go places, you do things, that your babies haven't just sat at home their whole lives!"  She made me feel so good about that turning it around to look at that way!  It's true, that stroller had been across the country multiple times,  it had been to lakes and beaches and mountains.  It had been strawberry picking, and blueberry picking, and blackberry picking, and peach picking.  It had been to parks and malls and fairs.  It was well used!  I did get a new one anyway, but the well loved one is now used exclusively for dirty jobs like strawberry picking and camping and such! 

7.  Speaking of dirty jobs, I need to clean my kitchen. 


jen said...

ha...the 5% chance of your house being clean! :)

we have one stroller (jogging). a neighbor is selling an umbrella one and i considered it for a second before imagining jon's reaction to my buying another thing that miriam will refuse to be in. :) one day she will love the BOB. i know it!!

Holly Hamilton said...

I have always had great stroller kids! But, I have a theory about it... Interested? Email me. :)