Thursday, February 23, 2017

Does somebody need a hug?

Oh my word I haven't been on here in so long and there are so many unpublished, half finished journal entries!  (Enter eyes wide open emoji here)

Last night, I was downstairs listening to a yelling match between Jonah and John upstairs (mostly Jonah yelling, John's voice was just frustrated/elevated).  I was trying to stay sane in my brain while listening (Cue 2017 Motto: #staysaneseventeen) and a thought literally breezed through my brain quietly and slowly "he just needs a hug."  I thought about ignoring it because I was pretty annoyed about the whole thing, but I put down my phone. Climbed the stairs.  Sat on Jonah's floor and told him to climb down the ladder (he sleeps on the top bunk).  I mean he was hysterically yelling, crying very hard, red face, out of control.  He looked at me, climbed down the ladder, I opened my arms and he fell into them.  Immediately, I mean, Immediately! he was fine.  I just sat there and hugged him, no one saying a word.  In that silence, I remembered, this boy just needs hugs.  If he's freaking out about something, he just needs a hug.  It's his miracle drug.  Eventually, I pulled him away so I could look into his eyes and I reminded him of the original problem, and how he got to the point he was in, and he was calm and he agreed, we hugged a few moments more and then I told him to go to bed and he climbed up in bed without a further peep.

Oh my goodness, as parents John and I get so frustrated and the frustration leads to exasperation which leads to yelling, and we are so tired sometimes we forget what actually works with each individual kid.  Because heavens knows it isn't the same with every one.  I remember when I was in Hawaii John called me to report the days happenings and he was telling me something about Jonah freaking out and I remember I was so mad at John over the phone because I knew that all Jonah needed was a hug and that situation would have been totally different.  One of the few times I felt guilty (maybe just felt bad...) while traveling away from my kids.

I know someone that when one of her kids is acting moody and upset, she licks her kid on the face and all is fine again!

Sometimes in the middle of a tantrum they just need a hug... or a lick on the face!

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