Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thrill Seeker


I’m not your run of the mill adrenaline junkie or thrill seeker.  I don’t need sky diving or bungee jumping.  As a mother, I try to defy a different kind of gravity. Umm… there’s only one kind of gravity you say?  No...  Try showering in the middle of the day leaving four children unsupervised.  Shocking!  Daring!  Crazy?!  

I don’t need to jump out of an airplane; I just jump in the shower!  With the door shut even!  If I’m really feeling brave I’ll even shave my legs.  If I really want to push the limits?  I linger in the shower enjoying the hot water and quiet surroundings.  (Honestly I’m not often that brave…) 

But, still, take that crazy people in flying squirrel suits!  I shower with four children in the house and no other adult supervising them.   Talk about taking chances…  I mean, really, at the end of my shower I could open the bathroom door to a multitude of problems…  

Thankfully, I haven't.  

Only once Trevan knocked on the bathroom door to say my friend, Rachel, was at the front door.  I turn off the water grab my towel and dash across the hallway just holding the towel in front of me.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw my friend standing inside my house by the front door!  Friends, my naked rear was not covered.  I apologized for flashing her if I had and she said she didn't see anything, thank goodness.  (Side Story:  I use the guest bathroom as my shower because in the master bath we have a tub and a separate stand up shower that I was too large to be in when we moved in (I was pregnant) and be able to have the water fall on my head!  I just don't like stand up shower stall thingys, so I use the guest room bathroom.) 

Anyhoo... They got in trouble for opening the door!  They aren't supposed to even if it's someone they know. 

So, I don't need to hike Kilimanjaro to get a major sense of accomplishment, I just have to climb my stairs, take a shower and hopefully find that all is well when I get out.  That makes me feel like I did something amazing all by itself!

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Sofia said...

I did that today and I totally know how you feel.